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Why Orton-Gillingham?

Structured Literacy, Multisensory

The OG approach is flexible! Unlike many programs that claim to be OG based, an actual OG practitioner curtails each session to the individual they are working with.  Thus, no two students are alike.  Each session, a student will receive instruction in reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary and grammar.  For struggling readers using a multi-sensory approach that utilizes the visual, auditory and kinesthetic pathways is the way to go. This particular approach helps students to feel successful.  New material is introduced once previous skills are mastered so to not overwhelm them.

How do we Start?

The first step is to see where your child is in terms of their skills in reading and writing.


What are we looking for?  We want to gather many pieces of information as we can to see where your child is at.  Phonological awareness, sound-symbol relations needed for encoding (spelling) and decoding (reading), fine motor control and handwriting among other skills will be looked at.

If you have had a psycho educational assessment done we will want to see a copy of it.  If not, you will need ot book an assessment with us.  From this assessment we will give you a break down of your child's skills. Should we decide that our tutoring is a good fit for the student and family we will book you in with one of our tutors.  We typically book 2 sessions per week, as this is ideal for optimum growth.More times in a week can be accommodated should a family want this.  The more frequent the lessons are the greater the impact for the student.

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We will work on sound-symbol relationships.


Students will learn cursive writing, as for many, this is much easier than manuscript.


We will read to build fluency, prosody, word attack skills, comprehension, and vocabulary.


Whether we are working on the word, sentence, or text level we continually work on vocabulary and understanding.


For working memory and grammar.

Psychological awareness

Helps with auditory discrimination.


Through multisensory learning skills become automatic.

self confidence

Automaticity will increase your child's self-esteem and in turn help to develop a love of reading.

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