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Let's embark on this learning journey together!

Why OG?

Structured Literacy, Multisensory

At Multimodal Learning, our director/practitioner provides customized planning for each session to fit the unique needs of every student. Our tutors are trained to implement these plans effectively, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

No two students are alike. Each session encompasses comprehensive instruction in reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. We specialize in helping struggling readers through a multisensory approach that engages visual, auditory, and kinesthetic pathways, fostering a sense of success in every student.

New material is introduced only once previous skills are mastered, ensuring students are not overwhelmed and can progress confidently.

How do we Start?

Assessment, Then Intervention

At Multimodal Learning, we begin with an informal assessment. This gives us insight into various pieces of information, including phonological awareness, sound-symbol relations for encoding and decoding, fine motor control, and handwriting skills, among others.

If you've already had a psychoeducational assessment, please provide a copy. If not, don't worry—the informal assessment will give us the necessary information to tailor your child's lesson plan and intervention accordingly.

If you feel our tutoring is a good fit for your child and family, we'll match you with one of our tutors. We typically recommend two sessions weekly for optimal growth, but we're flexible and can accommodate more frequent sessions upon request. The more frequent the lessons, the greater the impact on the student.


We will work on sound-symbol relationships.


Students will learn cursive writing, as for many, this is much easier than manuscript.


We will read to build fluency, prosody, word attack skills, comprehension, and vocabulary.


Whether we are working on the word, sentence, or text level we continually work on vocabulary and understanding.


For working memory and grammar.

Psychological awareness

Helps with auditory discrimination.


Through multisensory learning skills become automatic.

self confidence

Automaticity will increase your child's self-esteem and in turn help to develop a love of reading.

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