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Multimodal Literacy offers tutoring for students of all ages.


Are students listening?  Are they engaged?  Are they learning the way they should?  All kids learn differently, and sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to find a curriculum or plan that works for an entire school. That’s where Multimodal Literacy learning comes in.  Most schools see hundreds of students every day -- and they all have different learning styles. One student might need as many visuals as possible, while another would swap a picture for a verbal explanation in a heartbeat. Other students need information in multiple formats for concepts to stick. This is why a multimodal approach to education is best.


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While there might be some confusion about what the term multimodal means, most educators know what it is and how to use it. To define it, modalities are visual, audio, gestural, spatial, or linguistic means of creating meaning.


Is your child struggling with reading? Are you wondering what they need to work on in their literacy skills? Our assessment will look at your child's encoding (writing) and decoding (reading), basic grammar as well as their phonological awareness. After meeting with your child I will give you follow-up information so you can determine whether you feel extra help for your child would be beneficial. Should you decide to continue with tutoring this assessment will be used to find a starting point for your child.

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Is your child struggling with reading? Have they been assessed with a learning disability? In each session your child will be explicitly taught reading and writing skills. OG is a multi-sensory approach that works well for many types of students, but it is the best method for those with dyslexia!

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