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Flexible Learning: Online or In-Person

Unlocking Potential with Multimodal Learning


At Multimodal Learning, we offer tutoring services for students of all ages, both in-person and online.

Are students truly engaged and learning effectively? Every child learns differently, making it challenging to find a one-size-fits-all curriculum. That's where Multimodal Learning shines. In today's schools, with a diverse array of learners and unique styles, a multimodal approach is essential.

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Some students thrive with visual aids, while others grasp concepts better through verbal explanations. Some require information presented in multiple formats for better retention. Our approach recognizes and accommodates these differences, ensuring students receive the tailored support they need to succeed.

We specialize in both in-person and online teaching, ensuring the same quality of education is provided. In fact, online learning offers numerous benefits, such as flexible scheduling and the ability to work with students from all over. Our online sessions are just as interactive and multisensory as in-person ones, incorporating visual, audio, gestural, spatial, and linguistic methods to create a rich learning experience.

We have an office in Lake Bonavista for local students, but our online services mean we can help students from anywhere.

Transform Your Child's Learning Path
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Is your child grappling with reading difficulties? Have they been diagnosed with a learning disability? Our sessions offer targeted support, explicitly teaching essential reading and writing skills. While effective for all learners, OG stands out as the optimal method for students battling dyslexia.

Ready to learn more about how we can support your child? Schedule a phone call to explore your options and get personalized information.

Book Your Child’s Assessment

Our assessment evaluates your child's literacy skills, including encoding (writing), decoding (reading), basic grammar, and phonological awareness. Regardless of prior assessments, every child receives this evaluation to tailor their intervention plan effectively.

Following the assessment, we use the results to establish a starting point for your child's personalized learning journey. The cost for onboarding, which includes 2-3 sessions (depending on the student's needs, most only need 2), is $350. This fee covers the assessment and the initial tutoring session to kickstart your intervention journey.

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