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Bootcamps for July & August

Experience our summer boot camps and level up your skills. Our boot camps run for 1 hour a day, for a week, and each week focuses on a different concept. Our Sundance Location in Calgary is the perfect venue for our small group sessions. Join us for one or both of the two camps each morning and take your knowledge to the next level this summer.

Don't live in Calgary? Join us online.

Sorry Board Game

Making 10

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Beyond 10

Artichoke Pizza

Intro to Fractions

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Decimal Place Value System

Class Descriptions

Making 10

This class focuses on developing your child's numeracy and number sense through pattern recognition and understanding of numbers from 1-6. 

The concept of place value will also be introduced through bundling and grouping after nine to make ten.

We use a Multi-sensory approach with lots of games. These games can then be incorporated at home to continue to build automaticity of making 10. 


Ideal for building a solid base before moving on to higher numbers or for any students that need review.


New information of mathematical concepts are presented using visual, auditory, and tactile-kinesthetic modalities. Multiplication is a fundamental tool for various forms of mathematics, including algebra, calculus, and equations. By mastering multiplication up to and including 12 by the end of primary school, your child will have the confidence and skill to tackle more complex mathematical subjects.

Beyond 10

Designed to help kids understand how place value works. In this bootcamp, they will learn to build and decompose numbers, discuss hundreds, thousands, and beyond.


Our interactive platform provides a fun and engaging way for kids to learn about ordering numbers, as well as addition and subtraction. 

Decimal Place Value System

Enhance your child's grasp of place value within the context of whole numbers and decimal fractions.  We'll provide a comprehensive framework for students to develop their understanding of the numeration system and make informed generalizations based on their conceptual place value knowledge. 

Intro to Fractions

Our engaging lessons use a range of interactive activities and examples to make learning fractions fun and easy. 

This boot camp is designed to teach your child the fundamental concepts of fractions and fraction operations

Join us now and help your child build a strong foundation in fractions!


**This class involves food.


23 Sunpark Dr. SE

Calgary, Alberta


(403) 680-5476


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